Below are three possible options to consider for resupply.  There are a multitude of other options one could dream up as well.  It is valuable to have a flexible mind when it comes to resupply.  You may find yourself going slower or faster than expected.  Hearing from other hikers about their experience in a particular town may influence your decision as well.

My 2013 hike of the LT was done using Option 1 listed below.  Before heading out, I knew I’d appreciate the stops at The Inn at the Long Trail as well as The Green Mtn House.  I stayed at both of these places in the past, and enjoyed my time (they were wonderful the second time around as well).  Stopping in Stowe and Waitsfield made sense when accounting for the distances that we wanted to do.  Both turned out to be good choices; it was good to head into Stowe and grab some socks, the grocery store was excellent, and the Chinese restaurant hit the spot…..Waitsfield had a great pizza place, and the grocery store was excellent there as well.

Use the maps in conjunction with the trail town amenities page to help you make some preliminary choices before you start your hike.

Avoiding a relatively longer section at the north end of the trail is difficult….because of the lack of towns and amenities within the towns that are there.

Keep in mind that the total hiking distance of the Long Trail is actually more than 273 miles.  Both the southern terminus and northern terminus end in the middle of the woods, and you’ll need to hike an approach trail to get to transportation.  These approach trails are not long.  The maps keep in line with the typical 273 for understanding mileages as they relate to items in guidebooks, etc.

There are two ways to get to the southern terminus of the Long Trail.

  • Use the Appalachian Trail as the approach trail, hiking from RT 2 (Williamstown/North Adams) – 3.8 miles
  • Use the Pine Cobble Trail as the approach trail from Pine Cobble Road (Williamstown) – 3.3 miles

There is one way to get to the northern terminus of the Long Trail.

  • Use the Journey’s End Trail as the approach trail hiking from Journey’s End Road – 1.3 miles

*The maps may be best viewed on a desktop, laptop or tablet because of the amount info on each map.  If using a mobile phone, it may be helpful to click on the map and pinch zoom to view. Click on a particular map to load it to a new window for printing. Printing for personal trail use is welcome.

*Exact mileages may change depending on reroutes.

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3