Cold rainy day in the mountains today. I turned on my phone to see if I had service and got signal long enough for the weather at home in NH to refresh and show 70 degrees with sun.

We were in a mist and rain for most of the day and had a couple steep climbs and descents. Some nice lookout spots where there would have been views.

Only saw 2 other backpackers and a large group of boy scouts.

Tonight we are sleeping in a warming hut at the top of Mt. Madonna. its a nice place to get out of wind and cold. Its still cold inside but dry and not windy.

We realized we did not have enough water and there wasn’t any at the top. I found a piece of plywood that was collecting a little bit of water from runoff from the roof and Phenix used his towel to collect water off the deck. We were both able to fill our water bottles.

I am sleeping on a loveseat cushion on the floor. I anticipate that it won’t be a great night sleep…but maybe I will be surprised.

22 miles.