Woke up to a wet morning…though not raining. Slugs we’re everywhere. My pack, on the straps of hammock suspension, in my shoes. It was funny, they look like moving gummy worms.

Phenix and I were on the trail by 6:30.

We hiked briskly for the day and made good time while still taking decent breaks. Had a first breakfast by a pond and then lunch at the Peru Shelter where Sweet Pea and I had stayed in 2011. There were some LT Nobos there that had hiked the Sierras this year and the AT a few years back. There was another guy who hiked the AT last year as well.

Mt Bromley was our big climb for the day but it was fairly tame relative to the northern part. We had another break up on top before beginning down. The descent was one of my favorite sections of the day simply because of the sunshine coming through the trees.

First car that passed us picked us up got the hitch into Manchester center. Old Jeep that didn’t have a ton of extra room.  Phenix sat on a 5 gallon bucket in the back. We have had great luck with hitches on this trip. Picked up our resupply at the dollar store and grocery store and called the Green Moutain hostel where everything was just a it was in 2011. Free ice cream and soda. There were some other hikers there as well.

25 miles.