Had a good night sleep at the Inn followed by a good breakfast. I had forgotten how a breakfast in town will make for a late start of hiking. It was about 9 when we got on the trail.

Beginning of the day was a long steady walk up Killington. Good trail for the most part. It is not a steep climb up the mountain, which was a pleasant change.

Most of the day was rolling up and down small mtns. We saw a few hikers from the Inn, as well as some NOBO AT hikers.

We had some miles to cover so our breaks were short. My body didn’t feel like it took too much beating today. Only a little bit in the evening in my knees.

We aimed for a shelter that ended up being .3 miles off the trail, and I was hoping it would be unoccupied so that I could hang my hammock inside. There were 3 hikers here and they were not rolling out the welcome wagon so I found a place to hang my hammock (in the rain) and have been here since…having dinner and listening to my book on tape, which has been peaceful. By the time I finished dinner, it was after 9pm.

Tomorrow will be a big day to get into Manchester Center, but we should be able to do it.

25 miles.