Early start had us out by 6:30. Rain had stopped early in the am.

W moved briskly for most of the hiking day. We had the Inn at The Long Trail in our sites and wanted to make it there in the afternoon.

The trail was fairly easy though pretty soaked. Didn’t have any views as it was in a cloud for most of the day.

Keeping close to a 3 mile per hour pace, we made it before 3pm. Actually even got a hitch for the mile of road walking to the Inn. …in a Subaru nonetheless. We were talking how Subaru’s were one of  the least likely to pick up a hitch hiker list, and now we have received two rides in them – we will have to ditch our Subaru theory.  Interestingly, this is a subject that has come up on every longer hike I have done with others – Owners of which kinds of cars are most likely to stop and offer a hitch?  While I have been picked up in Mercedes convertibles and Landrovers to 30 year old near-dead pickups and Geo Metroes, it always feels like folks with cars that are older or not-so-pretty are more likely to pick a hiker up.  Oh well, the converstation on that one will continue.

Checked into the Inn and exchanged some stories with Opie the clerk, got some laundry going and then had a big bite to eat the restaurant with some beer.  This is my second stop at the Inn.  I had stopped here in 2011 as well (while on the AT).  Nice relaxed times and good memories in that place. Nice to get showers and clean clothes as well.

19 miles