Rained all night. Stayed dry and warm in the little lodge that we were staying in. Had a leak in the middle of the night in the platform above me and it was splattering on me, but I remedied it by putting a broom at the drip spot. It was hard to get moving in the morning and we didn’t get out on to the trail untill just before 9. The couple that was there last night was planning to stay there for another day.

Rained most of the day as well. The trail was a total mess, with the trail following the fall line, all of the water is in the trail and ripping it up….and soaking our feet. I soaked my feet within the first few minutes and just got it over with, a necessity when hiking on the East Coast.

The rain let up around 2 and we had a decent couple hours of walking. We stopped for some food around 4 and while in a shelter, the rain started. We stayed for a bit to see if it would stop, but ultimately just stayed in the shelter. It is a small shelter, but I was able to put in my hammock quite easily and it is dry inside. We really wanted to go 6-7 miles further to the next shelter, bit the rain and cold had won.

Tomorrow we aim for The Inn at the Long Trail.

14 miles.