Beautiful sunrise to start the day.

Really nice day of walking. Had some sun and moderate temps for most of the day and the trail even began to dry out some.

Walked a ridge which connected several peaks. Beginning near Smuggler’s Notch resort and continuing through Sugarbush. Had some nice places to take breaks on the wood decks that were at the top of the ski runs.

Saw lots of day hikers and several thru hikers. Tonight we are staying at a lodge with two NOBO hikers. One hiked the AT last year. They were great company for dinner.  The lodge is fairly roomy.  We were pretty thrilled when we came upon it.  Weather had turned cool and rainy late in the day and it was nice to make it to the lodge.

Completed The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes this afternoon. I was sad for it to end. I like the writing of the period and the formality with which the characters speak with each other, that alone is entertaining. The tales were all good and I will listen to more in the future. I began Bourne Ultimatum after Sherlock and found it to be quite callous and shoddy in comparison to Sherlock, and ditched it for some tunes.  **Side note – I have been carrying an iPod Nano for a lot of miles on my hikes.  It weighs around a third of an ounce.  I can only fit a couple gig on the device, but its enough for a couple books and some music.  I actually don’t listen to it a lot, but some days I really enjoy it.

22 miles